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Amazing Protector for Our RFID Bank Card

Aug. 31, 2018

Amazing Protector for Our RFID Bank Card ! 

Amazing Protector for Our RFID Bank Card

Nowadays , RFID technology has rasied greatly and we all can see rfid cards , rfid wristband ,rfid label and some rfid solution around us , for convenient applications most of time we put most important information or money into our rfid carrier when we are shopping , ticketing or storing financial information .How can keep our information safe and be  seriously problems for us ,people always are worry about somebody behind them and scan their rfid bank card so make them more panic . RFID technology is created for changing our smart life but we can not bear any property loss when one new technology comes . We have met many tragedies and property safe is most important rearch for people . 

RFID blocking card is created special for our rfid card technology and we can see some features as below on this blocking item ; 

Security ;  

Protects your RFID enabled cards , passport ,driving licence , fianancial card , office door passes from RFID skimming 


Comparing tranditional metal foil shielding  , you no longer need to wrap your rfid bank card , just keep our blocking card with your credit card in your wallets to ensure un-mateched RFID security 


Similar with our credit card size 85.5*54mm ,  thickness should be 1.2 or 1.5mm can be option . we have tested them and be perfected into your wallets .

Technology :

We do not use aluminum foil laminated from cards , our blocking card uses electromagnetic jamming technology frequency and used in military applications 

No Battery :

The card lasted forever and has an extremely efficient energy harnessing technology which allows it to powered by energy from RFID scanner .

Auto-Adjust Power:

RFID blocking card automatically adjust power of its jamming signal to ensure your RFID enable cards , passport etc . remain protected even against very powerful RFID skimming systems .

We believe above all features can make you know much more on electromagnetic jamming card for protecing your money . Actually we do not worry about more on RFID technology nowadays and Shenzhen Zhixin RFID Co.,Ltd which is specializing in RFID cards , RFID label , RFID wristband , RFID laundry tag and RFID blocking card , we also have tested our products with signal blocking items . Frankly speaking , normal aliminum foil shielding sleeves or foil card only make your RFID cards overlap totally then can block against scanning even shorter blocking distance . 

People may ask how to get our RFID blocking cards ,  you can place your detailed requests such as quantity , printing or customized package . our professional sales can reply you with detailed quotes within 12 hrs and sample charge is also avaiable , we believe that it will protect your money and how can save such little sample fee and make your 

huge money in dangerours . 


Amazing Protector for Our RFID Bank Card

【Testing Video 】You can clear see as below video , we put rfid card or rfid credit card on our NFC table reader and it will show green    lights and mean it is reading model ,  when red lights show it means our blocking card is working and blocking reader 's signal to scan    our cards . it is electromagnetic jamming techoligy without any battery . for your card safe please contact us as soon as your possible .



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