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ABS LF RFID Card Technology Introduction

Jan. 10, 2019

A ABS LF RFID Card is a magnetic recording medium card. It is made of high-strength, high-temperature resistant plastic or paper-coated plastic. It is moisture-proof, wear-resistant and flexible. It is easy to carry and stable and reliable. Usually, one side of the magnetic card is printed with explanatory information such as the card insertion direction, and the other side has a magnetic layer or a magnetic strip with 2-3 tracks for recording information data.

The 125-134.2khz RFID Low Frequency Card uses a liquid magnetic material or a magnetic strip as an information carrier, and the liquid magnetic material is coated on the card or a magnetic strip having a width of about 6-14 mm is pressed onto the card. There are three tracks on the magnetic strip, the first two tracks are read-only tracks, and the third track is read-write track, such as recording the balance of the book. The information reading and writing of the magnetic card is relatively simple and easy, easy to use, and low in cost, so that it has been developed earlier and has entered various application fields, such as telephone prepaid cards, charging cards, reservation cards, tickets, savings cards, credit cards, etc. .

Credit cards are a typical application for magnetic cards. Developed countries have generally adopted financial transaction card payment methods since the 1960s. Among them, the United States is the birthplace of credit cards; Japan has pioneered automatic teller machines that use magnetic cards to withdraw cash and automatic ticket gates that use magnetic card monthly passes. In 1972, Japan established a unified specification for magnetic cards. In 1979, Japan also established the Japanese standard JIS-B-9560 ?/SPAN> 9561 for magnetic stripe access credit cards. The International Organization for Standardization has also developed corresponding standards.


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