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Advantages of RFID Tags

Mar. 02, 2020

Today RFID Blocking Card Supplier introduces the advantages of RFID tags.

1.Super anti-interference

It has one of the most important advantages is non-contact recognition. It can work in harsh and harsh environments, and can penetrate very strongly. It can quickly identify and read tags.

2. The data capacity of RFID Sticker Label Tag is huge

It can be expanded to 10k according to the needs of users, which is much higher than the capacity of 2,725 digits of the two-dimensional bar code.

3. Can be operated dynamically

Its tag data can be dynamically modified by programming, and can be dynamically tracked and monitored as long as the object attached to the RFID tag appears within the effective recognition range of the reader.

4. Long service life

Because of its strong anti-interference ability, RFID tags are not easily damaged and have a long service life.

5. Anti-collision

Within the effective identification range of the reader, it can read multiple RFID tags simultaneously.

6.High safety

The RFID tag can be attached to the product in any form, and the tag data can be password encrypted to improve security.

7. Fast recognition speed

As soon as the RFID tag enters the valid identification range of the reader, it will start to read the data immediately. Generally, the identification can be completed in less than 100 milliseconds.

RFID Sticker Label Tag

Of course, each technology has advantages and disadvantages. The development of RFID technology to this day also has drawbacks, that is, the application of UHF band technology is not widespread enough, the technology is not mature enough, related products are expensive, and the stability is not high There is no internationally formulated uniform standard.

At present, RFID technology is closely related to our daily life. In the current era of the Internet of Things, if the RFID technology is perfected, the RFID UHF technology is mature, and the RFID UHF market development is widely used, then the development of the Internet of Things will also be Push to a new height.

Like other security devices, the security of RFID devices is not perfect. Although RFID devices have been widely used, the security threats they bring need to be resolved before the devices are deployed. The following will mainly introduce several RFID-related security issues.

According to computing power, RFID can be divided into three categories:

1. Modify the data in the existing label to make an invalid label valid, or conversely, make a valid label invalid. For example, you can modify the label content of an item and then purchase an expensive item at a lower price.

2. Also modify the label, but to change the content of one label to the content of another label, that is, the raccoon for Prince Edward.

3. Make one's own label based on the content of other people's labels. Therefore, when you want to use RFID tags in some systems that contain sensitive information such as ID cards, you must use encryption technology. But if you have to use ordinary tags, you must ensure that you have the appropriate security regulations, monitoring and auditing procedures to detect any abnormal behavior in the RFID system.

Although RFID systems often become targets of attacks, RFID systems are widely used in many fields due to their low cost. Therefore, when preparing to deploy an RFID system, we must pay more attention to its security issues, especially the first four types of attacks described in this article: counterfeiting, sniffing, tracking, and denial of service attacks.

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