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How To Avoid The Color Difference Of Call Hybrid RFID Card During Printing Process?

Feb. 16, 2019

First, do not imprint

Imposition is also a large version (25 small cards) will be spelled a lot of different colors of the Call Hybrid RFID Card, so there is no way to pay attention to the color of each card when printing PVC cards, can only match each other together Consider this, there will be a single color that will produce more than 10% chromatic aberration. If the ordering customer has strict color requirements, please be sure to inform the merchandiser to issue a special edition when ordering, to ensure the color is normal and reduce the chromatic aberration.

Second, you must sample the card

When the card is printed, there must be a reference object. Since the computer has different graphics cards for each computer, it cannot be compared with the computer screen, but should be printed against the proof, which can reduce the chromatic aberration. However, the whiteness of the white plate and the PVC card are not the same as the whiteness of the white card, so it is necessary to play a copper plate like the PVC white material to control, so that the color will be correct.

At present, some China NFC Card Supplier do not pay attention to the problem of color difference when printing cards. The customers are not aware of the process of printing PVC cards. There are often disputes. I hope that this article will make everyone understand clearly, and each card manufacturer should pay attention to customers. There is no one with a digital proofing machine, and the card is 1:1, so the captain can get a good color. Some of the best use of the two-color, monochrome machine is to print the color separation. With the printing, if the special edition is printed, it will be able to match the color with the imitation PVC-like card within 10%. When the Oriental E-card factory produces the membership card and other cards, the sample card will be chased in a 1:1 ratio.

Call Hybrid RFID Card

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