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Characteristics Of RFID Technology

Aug. 16, 2019

Here is a RFID Blocking Card Supplier talking about characteristics of RFID technology.

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RFID products in different frequency bands have different characteristics, and the working frequency of RFID products is defined as different products that meet different standards in the frequency range of low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency, and RFID products of different frequency bands have different characteristics. . The inductors are available in both passive and active modes. The characteristics of the passive inductors at different operating frequencies and the main applications are detailed below.

In fact, RFID technology is widely used and popularized at low frequencies. This frequency is mainly operated by inductive coupling, that is, there is a transformer coupling between the reader coil and the inductor coil. The voltage induced in the sensor antenna is rectified by the action of the reader's alternating field, which can be used as the supply voltage. The magnetic field can be well defined, but the field strength drops too fast.


1. The general operating frequency of the sensor operating at low frequencies is from 120 kHz to 134 kHz, and the operating frequency of TI is 134.2 kHz. The wavelength of this band is about 2500m.

2. In addition to the influence of metallic materials, the general low frequency can pass through the material of any material without reducing its reading distance.

3. Readers working at low frequencies do not have any special licensing restrictions worldwide.

4. Low frequency products have different packaging forms. A good package is that the price is too expensive, but it has a service life of more than 10 years.

5. Although the magnetic field region of this frequency drops rapidly, it can produce a relatively uniform read/write area.

6. Compared with RFID products in other frequency bands, the data transmission rate of this frequency band is relatively slow.

7. The price of the sensor is relatively expensive compared to other frequency bands.

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