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What's the Classification of Contact-Less IC Card?

Jun. 26, 2019

Contact-Less IC Card has many types. Today we would like to share with you the classification of contact-less Ic card. Please see the following points:

Contact-Less IC Card

1. Radio Frequency Encryption (RF ID) is often referred to as an ID card. Information access to the RF card is done by radio waves. There is no mechanical contact between the host and the RF. Such as HID, INDARA, TI, EM, etc.

Most schools’ cards (larger thickness), access cards, and ID cards belong to ID card.

2. RF memory cards (RF ICs) are often referred to as Contact-Less IC Card. The RF memory card also accesses information via radio. It adds a radio frequency transceiver circuit to the memory card. For example, MIFARE ONE.

Some city bus cards used in the early days, some used in the school, hot water cards, are RF memory cards.

3. RF CPU card (RF CPU) is usually called active card, which is based on the CPU card. The CPU card has its own operating system COS, which is called a real smart card.

The bus card of a big city, a financial IC card, and a meal card of a very small number of schools belong to the RF CPU card.

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