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Common Classification Of Smart Cards

Sep. 07, 2018

1. Financial High Frequency RFID Cards: Also known as a bank card, it can be divided into two types: credit card and cash card. When the former is used for consumer payment, it can overdraw funds according to a preset amount; the latter can be used as an electronic wallet or an electronic passbook, but cannot be overdrawn.

2. Non-financial cards: Also known as non-bank cards, they cover a wide range of areas, including virtually all areas except financial cards, such as telecommunications, tourism, education, School High Frequency RFID Cards, and public transportation.

3 Transportation card: Wide range of applications

4 Government application cards: It is now widely used, such as social security cards that have been promoted recently. Smart card or IC card, also known as smart card, smart card, integrated circuit card and IC card, refers to a portable card plastic with integrated or embedded integrated circuit chips. The card contains the microprocessor, I/O interface and memory, providing data calculation, access control and storage functions. The card size and contact definition are currently unified by the ISO specification, and the main specification is in ISO7810. Common are telephone IC cards, identity IC cards, and some transportation tickets and memory cards.

School High Frequency RFID Cards

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