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How Can Food Industry Benefits From RFID Technology?

Jan. 18, 2019

RFID can play the same role as the barcode in the checkout process of the convenience store.

1. The speed of checking the stock is greatly improved, and multiple objects can be read in one second;

2. The amount of data stored is large and can be rewritten;

3. Data can be read from a distance;

4. The object is not required to be in sight.

Avery Dennison developed the first Customized RFID Sticker for use in individual foods. This safe food label operates accurately in freezing or other extreme temperatures. Using this technology, some retailers say they can read 800 product information in one minute, significantly improve inventory monitoring, and facilitate access to information on the shelves.

RFID technology can also effectively reduce food waste, make the best use of resources, and help food companies improve environmental performance. Recently, a test was conducted abroad to effectively manage the shelf life of each food by attaching Hybrid RFID Card to the packaging of fresh foods, and the problem of food waste was reduced by 20%. In addition, the management costs required for food storage are reduced by approximately 50%, and the accuracy of inventory information for food distribution in the supply chain is increased by more than 99%.

As technology advances, the digitalization of the food industry will benefit more businesses and individuals.

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