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What Is The Difference Between Customized RFID Sticker And Ordinary Electronic Tags?

Nov. 22, 2018

The core technology of electronic tags is Customized RFID Sticker. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology can recognize high-speed moving objects and recognize multiple labels at the same time, which is quick and easy to operate.

PVC High Frequency RFID Sticker are a breakthrough technology: "First, you can identify a single very specific object, rather than just identifying a class of objects like a barcode. Second, it uses radio frequency, which can be read through external materials. Data is taken, and the barcode must be read by laser. Third, multiple objects can be read at the same time, and the barcode can only be read one by one. In addition, the amount of information stored is also very large."

Compared with traditional forms of tags, RFID electronic tags have larger capacity (1bit-1024bit), data can be updated at any time, can be read and written, compared with bar codes, no need for linear alignment scanning, faster reading and writing speed, multi-target recognition , motion recognition. It is also small in size, easy to package, and can be embedded in the product. The dedicated chip and serial number are difficult to copy. It is durable, has no mechanical failure, long life, and is resistant to harsh environments. The induction effect is much better than normal.

Customized RFID Sticker

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