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What Chip Is Placed In The RFID Smart Card?

Nov. 03, 2018

Dual Frequency RFID Card: Fully called an identification card, it is a read-only, non-writing proximity card. The common chip model is TK4100. The code number of the chip cannot be changed. Each time it is used, only the card number of the ID card and related information are read. Therefore, the ID card is easy to copy and the price is relatively cheap.

IC chip card: Common chip models are Fudan F1108, T5577 and so on. The IC card refers to the integrated circuit card, which stores information through the integrated circuit in the card. It has read and write functions. 16 sectors can be encrypted, and it is not easy to be copied. The information on the IC card can be read, modified and erased at will. , but all require a password. At present, IC cards are already in the mainstream and the cost is lower.

CPU chip card: Commonly used chip models are CPU1204, CPU1208, and so on. The CPU chip card is also a type of IC card, but the CPU card is higher than the IC card. The advantages of the CPU card are that it has a large storage space, a fast reading speed, and a multi-function function. Security and common IC card ratios are much higher, and it is suitable for many fields such as finance, insurance, traffic police, and government industries.

Whether it is an PET LF RFID Card, an IC chip or a CPU chip, each has its own characteristics and advantages. In the case of different use scenarios, the selection of a suitable chip can better fulfill the functional requirements and save costs.

What Chip Is Placed In The RFID Smart Card?

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