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What Are The Current Types Of Hospital Visit Card?

Nov. 10, 2018

The magnetic strip hospital visit card is now in the hospital. Some systems are still using the Dual Frequency RFID Card as the medical card because the system is the old hospital management system. On the one hand, the system is limited. On the other hand, the use of the magnetic stripe card is also convenient. Cheap, cost can save the hospital a part of the management costs.

Barcode Hospital Visit Cards Barcode cards and magnetic stripe cards are almost a contemporaneous product. The two principles of use are similar, and the production costs are low.

ID Hospital Visit Card As the system is upgraded, the use of proximity cards is becoming more and more common and more convenient. ID cards are also used in many hospitals. Because it transmits data through induction, its work efficiency is high, the card is fast, the speed of payment is increased, and the speed at which doctors read information is improved.

Contact IC Visit Card from RFID Blocking Card Factory, the contact IC card has a storage function and an encryption function, which is also used by many hospitals. This is a plug-in type, which is simple to use, but the chip is susceptible to external environment and is easy to damage the chip.

Inductive IC Hospital Visit Card The inductive IC card is a contactless chip card. It also has functions such as storage and encryption. It also transmits data by frequency, and it is fast and efficient.

Dual Frequency RFID Card

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