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Principles of RFID Technology

Nov. 27, 2018

Radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology using radio frequency technology. It has the advantages of fast transmission rate, anti-collision, large-volume reading, and motion reading. Therefore, RFID technology of Dual Frequency RFID Card in logistics and supply chain management, production management and control , anti-counterfeiting and security control, traffic management and control and other fields have significant application potential. At present, the working frequency band of radio frequency identification technology includes Low Frequency RFID Card, high frequency, ultra high frequency and microwave segments, among which the application of high frequency and ultra high frequency is the most extensive.

The basic working principle of the RFID system is: after the electronic tag enters the reader to transmit the RF field, the induced current obtained by the antenna is used as the power supply of the chip through the boosting circuit, and the induced current with information is converted into the digital signal through the RF front-end circuit. It is sent to the logic control circuit for processing. The information that needs to be replied is sent from the tag memory, sent back to the RF front-end circuit through the logic control circuit, and finally sent back to the reader through the antenna.

Dual Frequency RFID Card

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