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Suggestion Of Making a Dual Frequency RFID Card Layout

Dec. 06, 2018

Stylish Dual Frequency RFID Card:

The design elements of this type of card should choose some abstract, somewhat artistic elements, and try to choose some vivid colors in the color control, which makes people feel more fresh. In fact, the craftsmanship is the key point, and the best design, If there is no craft as a support, it is a lack of finishing touch. The stylish VIP VIP card is recommended to make a matte surface, so it feels more handy, can also be matte, and then with some UV, bronzing and other processes, so it looks more perfect. Design a stylish VIP VIP card, the elements can be selected more, feel more rich.

High-end atmospheric LF RFID Card:

The design elements of this type of card are recommended to be selected in a few, simple, and the color is also recommended to choose more traditional colors, such as gold, silver, black, etc. If you want to be more prominent, you can also choose according to the company's PT requirements. Some of the more beautiful PT color gold and spot color silver, black printing must choose silk screen black, such black looks black enough, also black and bright. The choice of the production process as the finishing touch is also a top priority. It is recommended to choose a matte finish. The matte surface is called the high-end surface choice, and then it is made with UV, gold, hot laser gold and other processes. The card is definitely very beautiful and has an atmospheric rating.

However, the process is well matched. If the production staff does not do well, the process is not in place, and it is also awkward, so it is also important to choose an excellent card factory.

Dual Frequency RFID Card

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