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Dual Frequency RFID Card Application In The Workshop

May. 30, 2019

Unlike sensors, Dual Frequency RFID Card is a dynamic continuous acquisition of device operating status data, while RFID only reads data and transmits it when the tag enters the sensing range. Therefore, the application of RFID technology is mainly concentrated on application scenarios such as workshop, logistics and positioning.

Mixed-flow manufacturing is a production method in which a company produces a variety of products on a production line in a certain period of time. Several product varieties with basically the same process flow and production operation methods are scientifically arranged and put into production on one assembly line, and rhythmically and proportionally. The continuous continuous flow of water production is based on the premise of comprehensive balance of variety, output, working hours and equipment load.

With the increasing demand for personalized users, the selection and customization of industrial production in manufacturing enterprises has gradually become a trend. The mixed-line production mode of mixed-flow manufacturing can well meet the needs of individualized customized matching production. By installing RFID tags on complex parts and pallets, industrial readers are installed on processing equipment and wire bodies to realize intelligent communication of products and equipment, effectively avoiding many problems such as chaotic process management due to untimely data collection. By timely collecting the status of the work in progress and the state of the production process to provide data support for the MES, the MES can timely schedule and dispatch each workstation, so that each workstation cycle is busy, to complete the maximum amount of operation, thereby reducing the idle time. Increase productivity.

At present, SAIC-GM-Wuling has installed more than six types of cylinders by installing RFID tags on the cylinder head processing production line. The whole process quality data and process data are effectively collected. Midea's household air conditioners install RFID tags on flexible assembly lines, processes, and work boards in the factory to achieve automatic data collection in the assembly process of home appliances, and the data collection rate is increased to 99%. Each line of products reduces manual bar code scanning events for 5 minutes, MES data. Accuracy increased to 90%.

Dual Frequency RFID Card

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