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The Relationship And Difference Between RFID And NFC

Oct. 20, 2018

Simply put, NFC is an RFID technology improved according to RFID. Compared with RFID, it has some characteristics such as close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption.

1. 13.56Mhz NFC card operates at 13.56MHz, while RFID operates at low frequencies, high frequencies (13.56MHz) and ultra high frequencies.

2. Working effective distance: NFC is less than 10cm, so it has high security, and the Dual Frequency RFID Card distance is from several meters to several tens of meters!

3. Technical standards: NFC is limited to the frequency band of 13.56MHz, and the technical standards are unified. Therefore, many manufacturers support NFC, and there are many RFID standards, and the unity is more complicated!

4. Working mode: NFC supports both read and write modes and card mode. In RFID, the card reader and the contactless card are two separate entities and cannot be switched.

5. NFC is a close-range connection protocol that provides easy, secure, fast and automatic communication between devices. Compared to other connections in the wireless world, NFC is a close-range, private communication method.

RFID and NFC are used in life

RFID is more widely used in production, logistics, tracking, and asset management, while NFC plays a huge role in the fields of access control, public transportation, and mobile payment.

With the development of RFID and NFC technology, RFID and NFC provide strong technical support for the Internet of Things, and the use of life is more and more extensive.

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