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Structure Of E-Ticket NFC Card Mainly Includes Three Parts

Nov. 29, 2018

(1) A programmer for building a E-Ticket NFC Card. The programmer is used in the development of the smart card. It describes the initialization and personalization of the card from the level of the smart card layout to create all the required data.

(2) A proxy that handles the smart card operating system from China NFC Card Supplier. Includes a subsection of the smart card operating system and smart card application interface. The agent is highly portable and can be integrated into chip card reader devices or personal computer and client server systems.

(3) Acting as a proxy for the smart card application interface. The agent is the interface of the application to the smart card. It helps manage different smart card agents and also provides a separate interface for the smart card type to the application. Since the embedded microcontroller chip is installed in the smart card, data can be stored and processed. The value on the card is protected by the user's Personal Identification Number (PIN), so only the user can access it. The versatile smart card embeds a high-performance CPU that is equipped with its own basic software (OS) that can be freely added and changed as a personal computer. The smart card also has a "self-detonation" device, and if the criminal wants to open the IC card to obtain information illegally, the content on the card software will automatically disappear immediately.

E-Ticket NFC Card


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