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Five Major Applications Of Rfid Technology In Reality

May. 28, 2020

RFID Tag Sticker Manufacturer introduces you to the five main applications of RFID technology in reality.

1. Expressway toll collection and intelligent transportation system

Expressway toll collection system is one of the most successful applications of radio frequency identification technology. The application of REID technology in highway toll collection can fully reflect the advantages of this technology. For example, Public Transport RFID Ticket Card can automatically complete payment when vehicles pass through the toll station at high speed, which solves the bottleneck problem of traffic, improves the speed of vehicles, avoids congestion, improves the efficiency of calculation of tolls, and can solve the problem of toll collection The problem of travel expenses.

2. Production automation and process control

RFID technology has many applications in the production process control because of its strong resistance to harsh environments and non-contact identification. By using RFID technology in the automated assembly line of large factories, material tracking and automatic control and monitoring of the production process are realized, which improves production efficiency, improves production methods, and reduces costs:

In terms of production line automation and process control, the German BMW Company applies RFID system to the car assembly line to ensure that the car can accurately complete the assembly task at each position of the assembly line. The Motoro 1 a company uses an automatic identification process control system of RFID technology to meet the special environmental requirements of semiconductor production and improve production efficiency.

3. Automatic vehicle identification and anti-theft

By establishing an automatic car number recognition system using radio frequency identification technology, you can keep track of the operation of the vehicle at any time, not only to achieve automatic tracking management of the vehicle, but also to greatly reduce the possibility of accidents, and you can use radio frequency identification technology to the owner of the vehicle Carry out effective verification to prevent vehicle theft, and you can effectively find the lost vehicle after the vehicle is lost.

Using radio frequency identification technology can real-time monitor, count, and dispatch road traffic flow, and can also be used as a vehicle red light warning alarm, stolen (suspicious) vehicle alarm and tracking, special vehicle tracking, accident and escape vehicle inspection, etc. According to reports, the UK plans to install radio frequency chips on cars, which will be automatically "reported" when driving over speed.

4. Electronic ticket

Use electronic tags to replace various "cards" to achieve non-cash settlement, which solves the problems of inconvenience and security of cash transactions and the easy damage of various magnetic cards and IC cards in the past. At the same time, the electronic tags are convenient and quick to use, and can also recognize several electronic tags at the same time, and charge in parallel.

Radio frequency identification systems, especially one of the areas with the greatest potential for the use of non-contact IC cards (electronic tags) are in the field of public transportation. Using electronic tags as electronic tickets has the advantages of ease of use, shortened transaction time, and reduced operating costs.

5. Access security

Future access control security systems can use Smart RFID Card, and one card can be used for multiple purposes. Such as work permits, entry and exit permits, parking permits, hotel accommodation permits and even travel passports. The use of electronic tags can effectively identify the identities of personnel, carry out security management and efficiently charge, simplify entry and exit procedures, improve work efficiency, and effectively protect security. The system automatically recognizes identities when people enter and exit, and alarms when they break in illegally. Where the security level is high, other identification methods can also be combined to store fingerprints, palm prints or facial features in electronic tags.

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