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HF RFID Sticker Custom Printing Process

Oct. 24, 2018

HF RFID Sticker printing method: digital printing, four-color offset printing, spot color silk screen

What processes can PVC smart cards do?

1. Change number segment (bar code, code, QR code, UID code): code, flat code, DOD code (UV code), laser code.

Note: Due to the built-in chip of the smart card, it is not recommended to use the convex code. If you must play it, you need to confirm the coding position by technology.

2, Logistic RFID Sticker surface process selection: smooth, matte, matte surface.

3, anti-counterfeiting technology: anti-counterfeiting standard, anti-counterfeiting printing pattern

4, other processes: solid color pattern over UV, signature strip, punching, scraping, etc.

Note: The silk screen printing process such as hot stamping and silvering is basically not done now, because the screen printing pollution will be sealed up by the Environmental Protection Bureau.

HF RFID Sticker

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