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High Frequency Printed RFID Card Use Instructions

Jan. 08, 2019

Avoid the following:

☆ The High Frequency Printed RFID Card is too close to the magnetic buckle in the wallet and wallet, even in contact with the magnetic buckle.

☆ Too close to or in contact with women's handbags and men's handbags.

☆ Contact with contacts and notebooks with magnetic seals.

☆ Touch with magnetic objects such as magnetic buttons and car keys on the phone case.

☆ Put together with equipment that can generate electromagnetic radiation, such as mobile phones, for a long time.

☆ It is too close to household appliances with strong magnetic field effects such as TV sets and tape recorders.

☆ When used in a supermarket, it is too close to or even in contact with the degaussing device used in the supermarket.

☆ When Plastic RFID Blocking Sleeve are put together, the magnetic strips of the two cards touch each other.

In addition, the magnetic stripe card is pressed, folded, exposed for a long time, exposed to the sun, high temperature, and the magnetic stripe is scratched and dirty, which may make the magnetic stripe card unable to be used normally. At the same time, in the process of swiping the card on the card reader, the cleaning and aging of the head, the interference during the data transmission, the wrong operation of the system, and the improper operation of the cashier may cause the magnetic stripe card to be unusable.

In short, the use of magnetic stripe cards will be interfered by many external factors, but as long as you keep it safe, take care to avoid the above situation, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of card holding and the happiness of swiping!

High Frequency Printed RFID Card

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