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Component of Hotel Keycard RFID Low Frequency Card

Mar. 01, 2019

Hotel Keycard RFID Low Frequency Card is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes the target object and acquires relevant data through RF signals. The identification work does not require manual intervention. As a wireless version of the barcode, the RFID technology has waterproof, antimagnetic, and resistant barcodes. High temperature, long service life, large reading distance, data on the label can be encrypted, storage data capacity is larger, storage information can be changed freely (depending on the packaging material of the RFID tag, the barcode label is heated by resin ribbon and PET label paper) Transfer can also achieve better waterproof, long life and other effects), its application will bring revolutionary changes to the retail, logistics and other industries.

Call Hybrid RFID Card consists of three parts: antenna, MPU microprocessor, FLASH ROM

(I) A rectangular antenna: in addition to transmitting information, the energy device of the entire card.

The MPU microprocessor and FALSH ROM are packaged on the same chip, which is the core of the entire card. A rectangular chip of about 10 square millimeters inside the card. The MPU is responsible for encrypting, decoding, and controlling the storage of data received by the antenna. The FLASH ROM is a storage medium, similar to a USB flash drive for storing encrypted data.

Hotel Keycard RFID Low Frequency Card

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