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How Does RFID Technology Work In The Warehouse?

Nov. 11, 2019

In the modern logistics system, warehousing often plays the role of balance, regulation and buffering, and is also the central link of logistics. In the design concept of modern warehouses, the efficiency of entering and leaving the warehouse will directly be marketed to the economic benefits of the warehouse. Through RFID technology, scientific and efficient warehouse location management can be realized, and informationization and timeliness of warehouse management can be realized, that is, Warehouse Management UHF RFID Card.

In the warehouse location management system, the RFID positioning system is used to manage the cargo space, including the image analysis, distribution, and utilization of the cargo space on the map.

Due to the superior functions of RFID technology, it can realize the advantages of non-contact, re-use, fast scanning, large data capacity, etc. Currently, more and more applications are applied to warehouse location management, maximizing on the basis of informationization and digitization. Improve the efficiency of warehouse management and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Warehouse location management design ideas:

The warehouse location is managed to manage the wireless network, covering the entire warehouse, and a fixed data terminal is installed on the forklift to realize real-time transmission of all job data. The wireless data terminal can be developed to confirm the location, verify the accuracy of the goods, return to the live function, and accept the operation instructions.

The RFID Sticker Label Tag is affixed to the cargo space. The label records the location of the cargo space and the type of storage. When the warehouse operation is performed, the staff can determine whether the current cargo space is the designated cargo by reading the electronic label information. Bit, at the same time can record the operation process, and carry out precise warehouse location management.

RFID Sticker Label Tag

RFID Sticker Label Tag

Through the RFID technology for warehouse location management, each shelf accurately records the type and quantity of goods. By installing RFID readers and wireless communication devices on the automatic guided vehicles, the manager can set the regular vehicles to guide the vehicles. The goods in the warehouse are counted and the results of the inventory are transferred to the system management center.

When the goods need to be put into storage, an electronic label is attached to each item. Generally, the label can be pasted into the whole tray or embedded in the tray for reuse. When the goods enter the location, the information of the tag can be read and compared with the information of the location to determine whether the operation is correct.

The warehouse management system is designed using the following three-tier architecture:

A, information acquisition layer

By issuing a label, the new item is equipped with an RFID tag, and the unique ID number of the tag or the code written by the user can identify the goods. The reader can automatically collect tag information to realize the information collection function of the goods.

B, data transmission layer

The cargo tag information collected by the RFID reader can be transmitted to the background system for analysis through the relevant communication interface. The communication interface of the transmission can be selected according to user requirements, such as RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, WIFI. Or GPRS, etc.

C, cargo management

After receiving the data of the reader/writer, the PC terminal or the background data center analyzes the data to determine the process of goods outbound, warehousing, transfer, inventory, etc., and generates a corresponding report indicating the order, and correspondingly in the system. Processing.

RFID storage management system hardware is mainly composed of RFID tags, fixed readers, handheld readers, servers, personal computers, etc., through the network to achieve interconnection and data exchange. The RFID warehousing management system software consists of a supply chain management system, an RFID tag distribution system, and an RFID tag identification and collection system. These systems are interconnected to complete the various processes of item management. The back-end database management system is the core of the whole system. RFID identification and collection is the basis and means to realize the management function.

The above is about the application of RFID technology in the warehouse. Are you clear? If you are interested in RFID tags, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of RFID tags including RFID Hard Tag, welcome to come and buy.

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