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How to Design Your Card

Aug. 07, 2018

How to Design Your Card

Art Guidelines 

Credit Card Size -CR80 

Total design area : 3 1/2 "  x 2 1/4 "

Final card area : 3 3/8 " x 2 1/8"

Print resolution : 600 dpi/ppi ( above 300dpi is acceptable )

Preferred file types ;  PSD , AI , PDF 


More and more customers do not know how to creat their correct format print-ready files on PVC business card or RFID cards . Some are missing fonts and some are pasted image when we open and ready to print according to customers files . We will make more attention points as bleow for customer better creating their correct print-ready files.  

Design Specs

The templates in our Download center use accurate dimensions and specifications to ensure the ideal use of the bleed and design area 

Bleed and Safe Design Area

Please allow for at least a 1/16" bleed in the design of your card which will be printed off the edge (see :templates ) A bleed makes sure that backgroundcovers the card completely and consistantly. The 1/8" margin around the inside edge of the card is the "Buffer ". This area may experience some minor variation in the die-cutting process so please do not include any important images or information here . 


If you are using a photo editing software(ex: Photoshope ,Painshop ,Gimp) then please creat the design using 600dpi.if you are using vector software(ex: Illustrator ,Draw ) then there are no resolution settings .

File Formats

Our preferred file formats are layered/editable Photoshop(.psd ) and Illustrator (. ai ) files so that we may make minor adjustments if needed during the proof process .However ,we do accept high-quality .jpg .pdf and eps also as long as the file fits the required dmensions.

For clear ,frosted or plastic card with metallic foil we must have the layered . psd .ai .or .eps .

Color Specifications

Our PVC ,PET or ABS products are printed using CMYK color value ,Please set up design files using CMYK color mode for the best results .Designning in RGB creates colors that are not attainable byprinting so the files will not be an accurate representation of how the PDF proof or final product will apprear .

Final come out printing also can not take reference directly on screen of competure , that also can not accurate for CMYK color value and different branded screen will different resolution then showing different color  .

Digital printing does not allow the printing of exact spot color (PMS). If you require a specific color , please mote this in writing when placing your order and we will do our best to match the color as close as possible ,however we cannot 100% guarantee exact color reproduction on PVC , ABS or PET prouducts . If an exact color match is a requirement ,please mail us info@zxrfid.com directly for information on PVC cards or RFID cards with PMS colors .

( PMS color printing normally need quantity range and extra cost according to how many PMS color both-sides .)

Fonts and Images 

Please package fonts with the files along with any images (links) .Mac-based fonts must be rasterized or converted to outlines depending on the software used . (most of time we open customer file will lose images or fonts change shape , then making wrong printing )


ZHIXIN RFID CO.,LTD is specializing in Plastic card , RFID card , NFC Label tags  ,RFID wristband  and some luxry metal card . We have our own factory and advanced equipment . hope above information can help customers and build our long term cooperation relationship . Our products widely use in member clubs , door control access, hotel keycard , water-proof , patrol system , musiz & festival events ,gasoline management ,etc . 

How to Design Your Card

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