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When Will Hybrid RFID Card Be Demagnetized?

Sep. 28, 2018

1. Place the Hybrid RFID Card near the magnet or a household appliance with a strong magnetic field effect, so that the magnetic medium inside the card is disabled by the magnetic field.

2. The position of the PET LF RFID Card in the wallet or wallet is too close to the magnetic buckle, and the magnetic medium on the card is demagnetized and damaged. Due to careless use or careless use, the magnetic stripe card is subjected to external force and the magnetic stripe information on the card is lost. Such as being pressed, folded, scratched, soiled, etc. It is not intended to place two magnetic cards back to back together, and the magnetic media rubs and collides with each other and is thus damaged.

3. The improper operation of the cashier of the special merchant and the failure of the POS read head may also cause the magnetic reading failure. The reason for writing magnetic error is improper debugging of the magnetic writing device. When the magnetic writing is rewritten, the original magnetic stripe information is not completely erased, and the magnetic card is improperly processed in the transportation and storage process, causing the writing magnetic error. It is worth mentioning that the early delivery is Some punching devices or punching devices produced by individual manufacturers may cause different degrees of write magnetic errors when writing magnetic cards of different thicknesses without adjustment.

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