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Frequency Used By RFID Inductive Coupling B

Jan. 23, 2019

13.56MHz Hybrid RFID Card system

The electronic tags in this band operate at high frequencies, and the operating characteristics and applications of RFID systems are as follows.

· This is the most typical RFID high frequency operating frequency.

· Relevant international standards include ISO14443, ISO15693 and ISO18000-3.

• This band is used worldwide as the ISM band.

• High clock frequency for cryptographic functions or the use of a microprocessor.

· Data transmission is fast, typically 106Kbit/s.

• Electronic tags are typically made in a standard card shape. The electronic tag in this band is the most used electronic tag in practical applications.

Typical applications for contactless RFID Blank Card include: e-wallets (school canteens, city bus cards, electronic train tickets), access controls (stadium tickets, nuclear power plant visits), and road transport automated ticket checking systems (AFC). At present, there are 2 billion non-contact smart cards in the world.

· For personal and official data: passport, e-visa, resident ID card (the Chinese resident ID card uses this band) and driver's license.

Typical applications for monitoring and tracking include: postal packet monitoring (DHL, FedEx), fleet management (monitoring postal vehicles, corporate trucks), library management (document management, book placement, book inventory) and store monitoring (anti-theft) Monitor EAS, flow control, inventory, etc.

Hybrid RFID Card

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