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Basic Information Of Identification RFID Low Frequency Card

Apr. 12, 2019

Identification RFID Low Frequency Card is based on IC card technology. With computer and communication technology as the means, the various facilities inside the intelligent building are connected into an organic whole. Users can complete the usual key and fund settlement through an IC card. Attendance and certain control operations, such as using the China RFID Blocking Card to open the door, IC card dining, shopping, entertainment, meetings, parking, patrol, office, charging services and other activities. Instead of carrying a lot of heavy keys to open the door, go to the corresponding departments to pay fees and other complicated operations. The entire system can be monitored and managed according to the needs of each department. Each local system and terminal can automatically summarize the collected information for system query, summary, statistics, management and decision-making. The IC card can communicate with each other, which not only satisfies the independence of each function management, but also ensures the consistency of overall management. From different occasions can be divided into: campus smart card, community smart card, office building smart card, corporate smart card, hotel smart card, smart building smart card. According to the card type can be divided into: IC card (the most widely used), ID card (phase-out), CPU card (development trend)

Identification RFID Low Frequency Card

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