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How to Use Library Management High Frequency RFID Cards to Manage Libraries?

Jun. 24, 2019

Implementing an RFID management system can achieve the following functions:

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1. Readers borrow and return books by themselves.

For medium and large libraries, the number of people who come to borrow and return books is very large, which often causes readers to spend a long time to queue. If you use RFID reading and writing equipment and Library Management High Frequency RFID Cards, readers can borrow and return books by themselves, so that the library can increase the circulation rate and simplify the lending process under limited human resources, thus improving the service quality of the library.

2. Quick inventory.

Previous book management systems were generally managed by using bar codes. However, according to the characteristics of the bar code, when the inventory is counted, the book must be taken down, the identification of a book is read, the speed is not fast, and the result is that the inventory work still needs a lot of manpower and time to complete. And RFID has the characteristics of wireless real-time transmission of data, and the ability to read multiple tags at a time, making the inventory work really fast, accurate and efficient. Moreover, using RFID technology, it is easy to find books that are not on the bookshelf or misplaced bookshelves, and the staff can easily carry out the book inventory, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.

3. Anti-theft access control system.

For all libraries, theft of books has always been a big problem. Not only does it cause economic losses to the library, but the theft of rare books cannot be measured by money.

In the past, the bar code book management system had to purchase an anti-theft system in order to prevent theft. Because of the technical innovation of RFID, it is one of the anti-theft technologies. Therefore, using RFID to implement the library management system can not only improve the overall management level and efficiency of the library, but also enable the anti-theft function of books.

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