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How To Choose Corresponding Card Reader For Different Low Frequency RFID Card?

Jan. 29, 2019

There are many kinds of Low Frequency RFID Card on the market, different cards also correspond to different protocols, and different readers are needed for reading and writing. So what do you know about the types of cards? How do you choose the corresponding card reader for different cards?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, can be divided into low frequency (125Khz~134.2Khz), high frequency (13.56Mhz) and ultra high frequency (860Mhz~915Mhz) according to its working frequency. At present, 13.56Mhz Identification RFID Low Frequency Card is the most widely used, and there are mainly the following protocols in the working frequency of 13.56Mhz:

u ISO14443A/B

u ISO15693

u ISO18092

The ISO14443 protocol is mainly used in applications such as access control and public transportation for close-range identification. Generally, the effective recognition distance is less than 10cm. The main feature of the ISO15693 protocol is batch reading, which is mainly used in warehouse inventory, logistics management, library management, etc. Long-distance identification occasions; ISO18092 is the NFC protocol standard, mainly used in the field of near-field payment, such as iphone's apple pay. Among these three, the ISO14443 protocol is the most widely used.

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