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How Does the Low Frequency RFID Card Made?

May. 09, 2019

1. Design stage

The first is the design of the Low Frequency RFID Card. Different organizational structures of different enterprises will have unique appeals to the appearance of the sensing IC card. According to the nature of the enterprise and the content that is expected to be reflected in the appearance of the sensing IC card, the sensing IC card designers will In a small design space, strive to show a unique style.

2. System design stage

The sensor IC card whose appearance has been designed, the next step is to design the device and the hidden logic board diagram of the information contained in the sensor IC card, because each company uses the information and usage of the sensor card. Differently, the sensing IC card may have special confidentiality requirements, and the corresponding circuit structure needs to be additionally designed to prevent the High Frequency RFID Sticker information from being leaked.

3. Card manufacturing stage

After designing the appearance and the internal system structure, the inductive IC card manufacturer prints thousands of mutual communication links on a small card through layer-by-layer processing and design, but independent of each other. After the completion of the factory test, the manufacturer of the inductive IC card with good quality and good reputation will burn out the solid-state module for testing on the inductive IC card, in case the ulterior is available.

Low Frequency RFID Card

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