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How Can Hotels Make Better Use Of RFID Technology?

May. 13, 2020

RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, that is, radio frequency identification, commonly known as electronic tags. RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It uses radio frequency signals to automatically identify target objects and obtain relevant data. The identification work does not require human intervention and can work in various harsh environments. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple tags at the same time and the operation are quick and convenient.

The application of the China RFID Blocking Card in hotels. Computer information management function. Computer information management is the core of the entire management system. It is composed of computers, printers, communication lines, and information management software. It mainly completes the communication between the computer and the RFID controller; RFID card information collection and control such as lightboxes, Banquet meetings and related personnel, assets, alarm and another information query.

Regional card reading control function. RFID readers will be installed in the hotel elevators and regional junctions, responsible for data collection on the RFID card or you can use Key Fob RFID.

Floor lightbox indication function. The controller will be installed in the elevator of the hotel, which mainly realizes the communication between the controller and the RFID reader, and verifies the information of the read RFID card. If it is a guest, the lightbox will light up on the floor where the guest needs to stay, so as to achieve the purpose of floor navigation.

Area lightbox alarm function. The controller will be installed at the regional junction of the hotel. When the controller communicates with the RFID reader, it is verified that the information of the RFID card is that the employee leaves his work area or important items leave his original range. The regional lightbox will alarm, because the hotel The range is large, and there are many readers installed, so all the information read by the reader will be saved in the central database as long as it is read, which will help future queries.

Hotel consumption management system. The hotel Internet of Things technology is used to replace the traditional breakfast voucher method, which is simple in the operation, saves costs and realizes automatic breakfast dining management; the system automatically recognizes and records the dining staff, guests enter the restaurant displays the corresponding room information and the number of meals; when the cardless staff enters Inquired by the manager; displays the total a number of people dining on the day, management reports, etc.

Hotel intelligent guidance system. When the guest walks out of the elevator car, the concealed IoT card reading device opposite the elevator door correctly recognizes the guest's room card at a long distance and immediately displays the orientation of the room to be visited by an electronic map on the wall of equal height in front of the sightline through the LCD display. When the LCD screen is not installed in the system, the room direction indicator can be linked (the indicator is usually backlit and flashes when linked). The guests went to the room in the direction indicated. Before reaching the room, the lights flashed at the same time, giving a warm reminder.

China Contact IC Card Supplier believes that the competitiveness of the hotel the industry is increasing day by day, and hoteliers can improve the guest's an experience by staying in the hotel by incorporating emerging technology products into the hotel's hardware facilities. At the same time, it is also convenient for hoteliers to manage and evaluate various hotel departments.

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