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How To Reduce Pollution Of Microprocessor CPU Card Materials To Environment?

Jan. 05, 2019

In the Microprocessor CPU Card industry, with the increasing number of cards issued, more and more discarded cards have become more and more worrying. Today, most of the cards use PVC materials as the card base. These cards become white pollution after being discarded. How to reduce the pollution of smart card materials to the environment? This is a problem that every card manufacturer should consider. So what kind of card is environmentally friendly? This requires that not only the material strength, characteristics, cost and resources should be considered in the selection of the Dual Frequency RFID Card material, but also the global environment caused by the manufacturing and use of the recycling process. Whether the burden is minimal and whether it is good for health. Therefore, environmentally friendly materials should have one or more of the following four characteristics:

1. After the material is discarded, it will be processed manually without producing toxic and harmful substances.

2, can be recycled and reused, avoiding one-time use, thus extending the life cycle of materials

3, long service life, reduce the frequency of updates, reduce the request for limited resources

4. After the material is discarded, it can be naturally degraded into harmless substances in a short period of time.

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