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What Is Microprocessor CPU Card?

Oct. 27, 2018

The Microprocessor CPU Card means that the chip contains a microprocessor, and its function is equivalent to a microcomputer. The main components of the CPU smart card include a central processing unit (CPU), a read only memory (ROM), a random access memory (RAM), and an electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM), which are like an ultra small device. computer. It has the advantages of large amount of information, high security of anti-counterfeiting, offline operation, and multi-functional development. The CPU card uses a powerful and stable security controller to enhance the security of the card, instead of contacting the transmission interface and meeting the requirements of fast transactions (such as the rapid transit of the bus). The CPU smart card adopts a variety of chip-level anti-attack methods, which are basically unforgeable; the internal and external authentication mechanism unique to the CPU smart card and the special authentication mechanism represented by the financial IC card specification can fully guarantee the legality of the transaction; During the transaction process, the Security Financial Card CPU Card key is not present in the plain text on the line. It is encrypted by random number each time it is sent, and because of the random number participation, it ensures that the content of each transmission is different, ensuring the security of the transaction. Sex. The keys used in the authentication and transaction process are generated in a secure card issuance environment and the ciphertext is installed in the SAM card and the user card. The entire process key is not exposed. The application firewall function of the CPU card can guarantee the security independence of different applications in the same card. For the financial industry with high security requirements, CPU cards are the standard for next-generation bank cards. The use of CPU cards can eliminate counterfeit cards, forgery terminals, and forgery transactions, ultimately ensuring system security.

Microprocessor CPU Card

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