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How To Develop And Innovate The Future Of NFC And RFID Technology

Oct. 10, 2019

In this era, mobile phones are the personal belongings of people's daily life. It even gradually replaces some life tools in people's daily life, such as keys, access cards, credit cards, tickets, etc., and through NFC technology, the functions of mobile phones are increasingly powerful. How to develop and innovate the future of NFC and RFID technology.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is not a new technology, but more and more related issues have recently been applied. Especially when the topic of third-party payment methods has been heated up, everyone is suddenly concerned about mobile phones. In the case of non-contact machines, the purpose of mutual sensing and payment is to use NFC technology. The most typical example is the bus card. What is NFC technology? Where is the application level? As a professional NFC RFID Card Supplier, we have some information.

What is the reason for the development of NFC? NFC is based on the integration of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and interconnection technology. What is the reason for the development of non-contact technology FC? NFC is based on the integration of RFID and interconnect technology. This is the development and innovation of non-contact technology and RFID technology. It is a short-range wireless communication technology standard.

NFC Card

NFC Card

NFC integrates contactless readers, contactless cards and peer-to-peer functionality into a single chip, while RFID must have readers and tag groups, such as Warehouse Management UHF RFID Card that are applied to the warehouse. RFID can only read and judge information, while NFC technology emphasizes information interaction. Popularly speaking, NFC is an evolved version of RFID, and both parties can exchange information at close range. The NFC mobile phone has a built-in NFC chip, which is part of the RFID module and can be used as an RFID passive tag for payment. It can also be used as an RFID reader for data exchange and collection, and also for data communication between NFC phones. 

The transmission range of NFC is smaller than that of RFID. The transmission range of RFID can reach several meters or even tens of meters. However, because NFC adopts a unique signal attenuation technology, NFC has the characteristics of close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption compared with RFID. The application direction is different. NFC is more about communicating with consumer electronic devices, and active RFID is better at long-distance identification.

At present, NFC is widely used in mobile phones. It is not new to use mobile phones to sense other devices to achieve wireless transmission. However, because mobile phones are already indispensable for modern people, applications that extend from mobile phones equipped with NFC functions are becoming more and more important. The more extensive. As the door locks supporting NFC technology become more and more mature, hotels can use the Hotel NFC Card in the future. When you stay at the hotel, you can use your mobile phone to register, skip the manual, and then use the built-in NFC chip to brush the phone when you open the door. It is convenient and quick to open the door. For friends who travel frequently, it is definitely the most desirable thing to walk into the hotel without having to queue up directly into the room. On the other hand, when the customer is ready to check out, simply delete the original NFC code on the phone and you can do it directly. It also improves the occupancy experience. After the check-in, the customer can also set the temperature of the air conditioner with the mobile phone, including the control of other rooms in the suite. It can directly change the brightness of the light in the room, turn off the lights, control the curtains and even operate the TV.

Regardless of the technology used, the biggest challenge is often to think about how to improve the experience and bring real convenience to users. If users change their habits to accommodate a certain technology, they will encounter certain obstacles. On the contrary, if technology can bring more convenient and better user experience, it will be able to do more with less, whether it is NFC, Bluetooth, Internet of Things or access control. Technology is the ultimate goal.

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