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What Are The Common Application Scenarios Of NFC Business Card?

Apr. 19, 2019

1. Virtual bus pass is required

This scenario is very convenient, as long as a mobile phone can be achieved to take the bus and subway, there is no need for the intervention of the physical card. To realize the virtual NFC Business Card, the user needs to be in a specific App. The reasons are certainly NFC technology to achieve its own compatibility problems and user habits, but more because handset manufacturers hinder the technology itself to benefit users.

2, need to support the NFC SIM card

This LF RFID Card method does not need a virtual card, does not need a physical card, users only need to move or unicom business hall, re-apply for a new SIM card built-in NFC. Then download an application designated by the operator, such as China mobile wallet, and recharge your public transport card by applying it to the SIM card, which you can use. In addition to serving as a bus card, you can also use the application for near field payment. With the help of bus IC CARDS, we seem to be getting closer and closer to getting rid of all kinds of physical CARDS and bus CARDS era, the introduction of virtual bus and NFC CARDS in the country has not yet been popular.

NFC Business Card

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