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The Application of NFC Technology

Jun. 21, 2019

With the popularity of mobile payment, people's food, clothing, housing and transportation can be solved by a mobile phone, which greatly improves the efficiency of people's work and travel. So people began to seek more convenient and secure payment methods. So the NFC prepared as the information transmission and upgrading demand has re-entered the public's vision and is gradually becoming well known.

Nowadays, with the popularity of the Internet and smart-phones, NFC's data transmission function is not the focus, and it has gradually been applied in many fields. Next, China NFC Card Supplier share how NFC technology is applied.

NFC Sticker Label

1. Retailer super

NFC's application in retailing is exemplified by the French supermarket in France. In October 2012, the French supermarket announced the pilot of the world's first NFC supermarket. In the supermarket, users read NFC Sticker Label on the shelves through NFC mobile phones, and then the customer's NFC mobile phone will display the product's ingredient list, supply information, video data, price and other related information. And the supermarket can understand the consumer's preferences through the number of times the tag is read.

2. Traffic

Traffic can be said to be the most basic function of NFC applications. The NFC device can touch the card reading area of the gate to automatically open the gateway. This is to integrate the function of the urban transportation card into the NFC device and realize it through card simulation. .

3. Financial payment

Mobile phone can be used as bank card. It can realize the flash payment function of today's bank cards, but in order to make the offline payment more efficient, various manufacturers have added the wallet function to the mobile phone through NFC functions such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mi Pay, etc. You can pay by credit card directly.

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