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What Can NFC Do?

Jul. 11, 2019

As NFC develops more and more conveniently, what can NFC that is in the RFID high-frequency band achieve?

NFC Sticker Label

NFC Sticker Label 

In fact, from the current trends of "Internet of Things" and "Big Data", NFC can still achieve a lot, for example:

1. Use the NFC smart phone to enter the subway or bus, shopping mall and pay the fee

2. Getting information, touching a shopping basket, getting coupons, and other new uses by touching NFC Sticker Label will have an ever-increasing impact on the new retail industry.

3. Users only need to use Poster Promotion NFC Card on NFC posters, advertisements, billboards or movie posters, you can immediately get information about products or services.

4. NFC can also be used as a short-range technology, when several devices are very close, files and other content can be passed in these devices

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