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For Paper RFID Blocking Sleeve

Dec. 06, 2018

Precautions for use: Put all kinds of cards to be protected into the Paper RFID Blocking Sleeve to protect and protect the card; prevent contact with acid and alkaline liquids, inadvertently be wet after the water is wet, continue to use; prevent being Sharp weapon pierced.

First, the main function:

1. Prevent strong static interference

2, to prevent the destruction of strong electromagnetic fields

3. Prevent others from maliciously stealing and stealing your personal information.

4. Extend the effective service life of the smart card

This China Paper RFID Blocking Sleeve is applicable to: various bank cards, bank passbooks, social security cards, medical insurance cards, shopping cards, IC cards, bus cards, second generation ID cards and other magnetic cards. According to the customer's request, the design of the card cover pattern text not only protects the interests of consumers, but also enables the merchant to obtain less pay, and the long-term advertising effect with multiple returns is beautifully designed, portable, easy to find, easy to take out, and it is your storage.

Paper RFID Blocking Sleeve  

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