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What We Need To Know In PET LF RFID Card Production?

Nov. 20, 2018

Nowadays, the application of PET LF RFID Card is quite extensive. The access cards, membership cards, ktv cards, meter cards, etc. that we often use are all smart cards.

What we need to know to make a smart card:

1. IC and ID card must indicate which chip model, card thickness (thick card, medium-thick card, thin card), white card or need to print before placing an order.

2. Before ordering, you must confirm that the selected chip model can be used normally on your own system. If you choose the chip improperly, the chip can not be used normally. This risk is borne by the customer. Therefore, you must first test the chip model before ordering.

3. Since the chip card has restrictions on the position of the convex code, please consult our merchandiser before determining the position of the convex code before designing the manuscript.

4, under normal circumstances, the choice of domestic chips, the price will be much cheaper than the original chip. Therefore, RFID Blocking Card Supplier often recommend that customers try to use domestic chips.

5. The standard thickness of the contact chip card is 0.84 mm, and the thickness of the non-contact chip card is 0.90 mm-1.10 mm.


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