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Hospital Maternal And child RFID Wristband Management System

Feb. 26, 2019

1, Plastic RFID Wristband management

Provide baby wristbands, mother or family wristbands, caregiver labeling, binding and maintenance functions, and create exclusive files for newborn and mother electronic tags. You can also view historical wristband records, which use non-repeatable unique numbers to avoid mistakes. In order to facilitate the identification of the naked eye, the basic information of the baby can be attached to the wristband: parent name, date of birth, gender, name of the nurse, and the like.

2, real-time monitoring

Maternal and child interaction: When the mother wears the Silicone RFID Wristband with the button, the mother can actively request to check the baby status by pressing the special label button, and the baby monitor screen will automatically display the baby's current position and the nursing status information.

3, baby care management

When the baby needs to leave the ward due to factors such as bathing, emergency care, etc., it is necessary to carry out the checkout operation through the handheld terminal or on the PC console, and the authorization is allowed to leave. Otherwise, the alarm prompts that the check-in is automatically given when returning to the ward.

4, comprehensive inquiry

The comprehensive inquiry can provide detailed information on the mother and baby based on the wristband, mother's name, bed number, and baby's date of birth, as well as historical query functions such as alarm events, personalized services, and nursing records.

Plastic RFID Wristband

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