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PVC RFID Blank Card In Retail Applications

Mar. 29, 2019

PVC RFID Blank Card can provide accurate and real-time information such as product status and location, which is beyond the reach of general barcode technology. It has great competitive advantages, such as reducing labor costs, improving efficiency and avoiding inventory shortage. Retailers are well aware of this, so they are applying RFID throughout the supply chain and actively bringing the benefits of RFID to the consumer sector. As the world's largest supplier of RFID chips, NXP is committed to introducing a variety of low-cost smart tag and reader solutions, and working with the industry's most extensive partners to develop a complete RFID system.

Dual Frequency RFID Card solutions are compatible with existing barcode tracking systems, allowing manufacturers to track inventory throughout the supply chain. Unlike bar codes, RFID does not require line-of-sight or manual scanning to collect data automatically. For example, a case on a pallet with an RFID tag can be read automatically by a stationary, mobile or handheld reader. Save the time and effort required to scan each barcode, thereby reducing costs and increasing speed.

In stores, RFID can provide customers with more information, improve shelf utilization and even provide some entertainment functions, thus creating a better shopping experience.

PVC RFID Blank Card

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