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Which Type Of PVC RFID Blank Card Is Suitable For?

Jun. 06, 2019

Shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, etc. will use the PVC RFID Blank Card, and now there are many types of membership cards, so it is more appropriate for the merchant to choose the type of membership card, which is a tangled problem, such as magnetic stripe card Is it still a barcode card, or is it a chip card?

For this problem, the salesperson explained that in fact, which type of membership card to look at depends on the consumer situation of the supermarket and the store every day, there is also a cost issue.

For example, the magnetic stripe membership card, its use is more common, the operation is fast, a brush can be, the price is also cheap; bar code membership card, this bar code is slightly better than the magnetic stripe, because the bar code just sweep Just fine, the cost is similar to the magnetic stripe membership card, faster; chip membership card, such as inductive chip membership card, this type of membership card is more convenient and faster than magnetic stripe and barcode, because the inductive card only needs one It can be read on the device, but the price is more expensive than the first two types of membership cards.

The above mainly introduces the types of membership cards used in daily life, and is also the simplest, suitable for general supermarkets or shopping malls, shops, etc.

If the merchant needs to use the Transportation UHF RFID Card for the high-end venue, it needs to have another solution. Since it is used in high-end places, the membership card produced must also be upscale. High-end not only reflects the use of fast, but also makes a better effect on the surface treatment and design of the card, which makes people look unusual. This requires working on the card's layout, such as adding special techniques on the surface of the card, such as: glossy, matte, matte, brushed, laser, uv and other special effects.

PVC RFID Blank Card

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