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Read RFID Technology In One Article

Jan. 13, 2020

Why can our courier always be accurate on the route? Why are the massive books in the school library managed neatly and orderly? Why do some accidentally stolen items can be quickly tracked back? And these have to use RFID technology, because In the era of the Internet of Things, it is one of the key technologies for data connection and data exchange.

What is RFID technology? RFID, also known as radio frequency identification, uses radio signals to identify and read specific target data. It does not require mechanical contact or specific complex environments to complete identification and read and write data. Today, the RFID technology application that everyone is talking about is actually RFID Sticker Label, which has already existed in every aspect of our lives.

RFID Sticker Label

RFID Sticker Label

It works in two cases. One is when the RFID tag enters the effective identification range of the reader, it receives the RF signal from the reader, and uses the energy obtained by the induced current to send the information stored in the chip. The other is The RFID tag actively sends a signal of a certain frequency. After receiving and decoding the information, the reader sends it to the central information system for data processing.

Then RFID Tag Sticker Manufacturer took everyone to understand RFID technology:

There are three main types of products derived from RFID technology:

1. Passive RFID products:

Such products require close contact recognition, such as meal cards, bank cards, bus cards, and ID cards. These card types require close contact during job identification. The main working frequencies are low frequency 125KHZ, high frequency 13.56MHZ, UHF 433MHZ and 915MHZ. This type of product is also more common in our lives, and it is also an earlier product.

2. Active RFID products:

This type of product has the characteristics of long-distance automatic identification, so it is correspondingly applied to some large environments, such as smart parking lots, smart cities, smart transportation, and the Internet of Things. Their main work is microwave 2.45GHZ and 5.8GHZ. , UHF 433MHZ.

3. Semi-active RFID products:

As the name implies, it is a combination of active RFID products and passive RFID products. It combines the advantages of both and allows the microwave 2.45G to take advantage of the low frequency 125KHZ frequency trigger. It solves the problems that active RFID products and passive RFID products cannot solve. Questions, such as access control management, area positioning management, and security alarm applications, activate positioning at short distances and transmit data over long distances.

RFID technology has the characteristics of strong anti-interference and no manual identification, so it is often used in some fields that need to collect or track information, including but not limited to the following seven points:

1. Warehouse / transport / materials:

Embed RFID chips into the goods, store them in warehouses, shopping malls, and other goods, as well as in the logistics process. The relevant information of the goods is automatically collected by the reader. Management personnel can quickly query the goods information in the system, reducing the risk of discarding or being stolen, which can improve the goods. Handover speed, improve accuracy, and prevent channeling and anti-counterfeiting.

2. Access Control / Attendance:

Some companies or large conferences can identify the sign-in through the door recognition system by entering their identity or fingerprint information in advance, which saves a lot of time in the middle, which is convenient and labor-saving.

3. Fixed asset management:

Some places such as libraries, art galleries, and museums with large assets or valuables require complete management procedures or rigorous protection measures. When the storage information of books or valuables changes abnormally, it will be in the system as soon as possible To remind the administrator to deal with the relevant situation.

The above is the RFID technology introduced by the HF RFID Sticker supplier. Hope to help everyone.

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