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RFID Application In Different Scenarios

Aug. 20, 2019

Here is a Paper RFID Blocking Sleeve Supplier talking about RFID application in different scenarios.

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RFID Hard Tag

RFID Hard Tag

RFID Applications (1) - Receiving / Shipping (RFID Forklift / Portal)

1, RFID forklift mode

(1) When the forklift grabs the container, the driver triggers the reading of the container label through the onboard computer and uploads the read data to the system.

(2) The system verifies the read data, confirms that the container is correct, confirms receipt/issue of the container, and instructs the forklift container to carry the destination point (cargo area, cargo space or garage door/vehicle).

2, Portal (when using manual power to carry)

(1) When the container is transported through the library door, the sensor on the portal triggers the portal reader to read the container tag and upload the read data to the system.

(2) The system verifies the read data, confirms that the container is correct, and the signal light on the control portal lights up green to confirm receipt/issue of the container.

RFID application (2) - warehousing / transfer library (RFID forklift)

1. After the forklift grabs the pallet in the temporary storage area, the system instructs the specified position of the pallet of the forklift according to the read pallet information.

2. After the forklift moves the pallet to the designated cargo position according to the system instruction, the pallet label and the cargo space label are automatically read. To confirm that the pallets and shipping positions for the inbound and outbound operations are correct, and to feed back the confirmed information to the system.

RFID application (3) - stock / packaging / palletizing / change / ... (handheld RFID)

1. In fact, all kinds of operations can use handheld RFID, and its operation mode is almost the same as that of bar code equipment. However, since RFID can read multiple tags at the same time, the operation efficiency will be greatly improved, but because of the same dependence. In manual operation, the improvement of error proofing and correction is slightly inferior to that of RFID Portal or forklift.

RFID application (4) - Automatic sorting system (RFID Portal)

1. For warehouses equipped with automatic sorting system, RFID Portal can be used instead of the original fixed barcode scanning device to integrate with the control system of the branching system.

2. Practice has proved that this can greatly improve the reading rate.

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