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The End Of The Development Of RFID Blank Card

Dec. 18, 2018

RFID Blank Card is a new type of paper card that is good for environmental protection. It is gradually replacing the PVC material card. It is widely used in fast-moving consumer goods and cultural entertainment industries, such as games, audio-visual and so on. The advantages of low cost and easy production are widely accepted by all walks of life.

PVC RFID Blank Card are used in a wide range of applications, and paper is a good example. In addition to providing a password, the plastic card itself is useless. There are many users of recharge cards. The common ones are plastic, which is not easy to degrade. When users use them, they will throw away them, which will cause no small environmental problems. . In contrast, paper cards are not polluted and are a green card.

As for the safety of paper, the user connects to the company terminal that provides the data through the machine "dial-up", and then obtains the card number and password, and prints it into a sealed paper card. The whole process is very safe. Paper quality will become a trend. One of the total number of telecom cards. In addition, there are IP cards, IC cards, 201 cards, Internet cards, etc., not only in many types, but also in a large number.

It is reported that there is no effective way for the waste management department to properly handle all kinds of discarded plastic phone cards. The only way is to burn. Relevant people believe that the harm of such plastic cards is no less than "white pollution", and its pollution problem can not be ignored. Promoting the use of paper-based green phone cards will become a trend. While focusing on blocking the production source of plastic cards, we should advocate green environmental protection in the whole society.

Telecommunication paper card is a new type of environmentally-friendly card made of high-grade paper. It is divided into green environmental protection series, silver series, gold series and platinum series according to the production process and anti-counterfeiting level.

RFID Blank Card

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