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Advantage Of RFID Blank Card

May. 20, 2019

1 Easy to carry: RFID Blank Card can be conveniently placed in the wallet or in the card package, and can be mailed.

2 large storage capacity: a card can hold 4-6 megabytes of information. Other portable information media (960Mhz UHF RFID Card, IC cards, microfilms) cannot be compared to them.

3 High reliability and high security of information recording: Because it is a laser punching type recording method, the card is not afraid of any electrical/magnetic interference, and has strong resistance to water, pollution and resistance to severe temperature changes. Anyone who attempts to change the content of the information in the card by any means must leave a trace.

4 High confidentiality: Canon optical card has a unique design of optical card information security measures, can be made to one card and one code, the code can not be read by conventional methods, and can not be deciphered.

5 relative price is cheap

RFID Blank Card

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