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Induction RFID Blocking Card Production Process

Mar. 23, 2019

The appearance of RFID Blocking Card brings us a lot of convenience and saves time. The use of induction ID card is more and more extensive, and the number of using induction ID card also increases exponentially. Induction ID card is also known as radio frequency ID card. The working principle of induction ID card is that there is a loop coil on the card, and the coil is connected with IC to form a resonant circuit. Its frequency is the same as the transmitting frequency of reading and writing.

1. The wafer is the core part of the 960Mhz UHF RFID Card, and the serial number carried by the ID card is in this circuit.

2. A WAFER is one WAFER on which many wafers are on, for convenient transportation and production.

3. The COB is the binding chip, there are circuits, capacitors, relays and so on.

4. Weld the antenna. Weld the antenna with the approved inductance to COB.

5. Laminate is to bind the good antenna +ID card chip laminate into the PVC material inside, protect the chip.

6. Printing: in order to distinguish the appearance and function of the card, we usually print some patterns, which are convenient to carry and beautiful.

7. Quality: all ID CARDS made by us are qualified after all the tests.

8. Packing, usually benefit point, transportation and so on.

RFID Blocking Card

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