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RFID Electronic Tags Help Shopping Peace of Mind

Mar. 09, 2020

With the development of the times, China has already entered the "code scanning era". At the same time, criminals forged product verification pages and printed fake QR codes on fake packaging. Consumers are often blinded by criminals once they have been verified after purchase. For criminals, the cost of two-dimensional code disguise verification is much lower than the cost of disguising traditional phone anti-counterfeit verification, but the probability of falsehood is greatly increased.

Electronic tags are also called radio frequency tags, transponders, and data carriers; readers are also called readout devices, scanners, readers, communicators, and readers (depending on whether the electronic tags can wirelessly rewrite data). The spatial (non-contact) coupling of radio frequency signals is achieved between the electronic tag and the reader through a coupling element; in the coupling channel, energy transfer and data exchange are achieved according to the timing relationship.

Unlike two-dimensional codes, RFID embeds a chip on the package and uses radio signals to identify and read target data. RFID Tag has good anti-pollution, durability and confidentiality, these features can achieve long-term tracking of items. At the same time, the inspection of electronic tags is also better than the traditional two-dimensional code. It does not need to be aligned and scanned. It has a faster read and write speed and can be used for multi-target recognition and motion recognition.

QR code payment represented by Alipay and WeChat payment. However, convenience and security do not seem to be directly proportional. Users enjoy the convenience while also bearing the risks. Security risks continue to appear in QR code payment. At this stage, Alipay's countermeasures against stolen products are mainly Alipay's official insurance. Official pay. If the relevant state departments do not include the QR code in the safe market supervision in the future, and only rely on the enterprise to protect the user's payment information security, whether the QR code payment can continue to leap forward is also a question.

NFC Sticker Label

NFC Sticker Label

NFC, near field communication technology, is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows electronic devices to use the Contact-less Chip Tag method for data transmission and data exchange. This technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID), which is based on RFID and interconnect technology. Near field communication is a short-range high-frequency radio technology. Compared with QR code payment, NFC technology has a higher level of payment security, is more convenient, and the technology is more mature. First, the NFC payment distance is within 10cm, and the confidentiality and security of data transmission are guaranteed. Secondly, the NFC mobile phone adopts a combination of hardware encryption and software encryption of the SE chip. Data transmission such as ID and key can be completed in less than 0.1 seconds, and the security of payment is greatly guaranteed.

With the upgrade of smart phones, the NFC Sticker Label has gradually become standard, freeing people from many cards. The technology needed is NFC.

Although the technology is good, it still takes time to popularize it. During this time, you should improve your awareness of self-prevention. Don’t be greedy and cheap, especially if the QR code technology is not difficult. At the moment, the code is easy for criminals. It is not advisable to scan the code. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, iterative update of mobile payment methods is inevitable. Although the road is long, NFC technology is still expected to succeed with its outstanding advantages.

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