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RFID Helps Cosmetics Anti-counterfeiting Logo

Sep. 21, 2019

Find here details of UHF RFID Sticker on our website. Today we would like to talk about RFID helps cosmetics anti-counterfeiting logo.

In the era of booming Internet, online shopping has entered an important part of people's daily lives, and more and more cosmetics e-commerce emerged. Due to the difference in brand and place of origin, the price difference is a hundred times. The huge interest space and profit make cosmetics become the hardest hit area. On the other hand, under the e-commerce model of dealer distribution, it is difficult to control the circulation of products in the market. Due to the low e-commerce threshold and strong privacy, the sales of cosmetics are varied and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Not only affects the brand image of the product itself, but also causes significant losses to the dealers of the agent.

UHF RFID Sticker

UHF RFID Sticker

As a necessity of daily life, cosmetics market in China has exceeded 300 billion, and the industry CAGR is as high as 9.1%. According to statistics, in 2015, China's cosmetics market was 315.6 billion yuan, and China became the world's second largest consumer of cosmetics after the United States. In the past five years, China's cosmetics industry CAGR (annual compound growth rate) was 9.1%, far higher than the global average CAGR of 4.1%. It is expected that in 2019, China's cosmetics industry market scale will reach 490.6 billion yuan.

In addition, due to the continuous innovation of the modern industry, most cosmetics companies in the market are increasingly new and diverse. The richness of the product line also causes great trouble for warehouse picking. The traditional manual picking method can no longer meet the needs of the company.

In order to solve the above problems and achieve leap-forward development, the following solutions are available for reference shared by RFID Blocking Card Supplier.

1. NFC fragile anti-transfer label is attached to the product, and it is attached to the product or the opening of the package. Due to the variety of cosmetics, the packaging of the single product is also varied. It is recommended to use the shrinking product in the case that the label cannot be used. Stick to the thumbnail. Each NFC Fragile Anti-Transfer Label has a globally unique ID number and cannot be copied and tampered with. NFC fragile anti-transfer labels can achieve the effect of tearing and ruining, and can not be transferred twice. It can fully realize the information management of product production statistics, circulation traceability, sales data, etc.

2. The use of ultra-high frequency electronic tags on the large box of the whole box, can achieve the management of the product in and out of the warehouse, and warehouse inventory problems;

3. The dispatcher and the warehouse use the handheld machine to inquire and track the goods;

4. The courier and consumer terminal query can be read using NFC mobile phone. (No NFC mobile phone can use audio card reader elf temporary)

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