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RFID is Hidden in Our Lives.

Apr. 01, 2020

First, we need to understand RFID. So what is RFID? RFID technology, also known as radio frequency identification technology, uses electromagnetic fields to identify and collect relevant information stored in the chip. It can work under a variety of harsh conditions without any manual intervention. RFID technology can identify Laundry Management Uhf Rfid Card and Public Transport Rfid Ticket Card, and even simple operation.

It is everywhere in our lives, such as our second-generation ID card, public transportation ticket, laundry management UHF RFID card, all of which have applied this technology, bringing convenience to our lives.



To avoid the trouble of manual toll collection, most toll stations now use ETC, also known as a non-stop toll collection system. And etc lanes are set up, and this charging system uses the principle of RFID (radio frequency technology). When the etc is installed inside the vehicle, the, etc lanes can be passed. The ETC card is usually placed above the front windshield inside the car. The device installed inside the car is actually equivalent to an electronic tag. The reader's antenna frame is tens of meters away from the toll port. This antenna can exchange information with the etc device installed in the car (that is, the electronic tag mentioned above) and read its stored content. Write operation to identify whether the current passing vehicle has a valid radio frequency card (ie etc). Another simple and rude statement is that when the vehicle passes the antenna, the reader antenna sends radio waves, and the antenna in the electronic tag is responsible for receiving The radio waves, and then feedback the data to the reader, and then the reader judges that if the vehicle has a valid radio frequency card (that is, the card of, etc), it will pass the transaction, otherwise it will stop you. The advantage of this technology is that during holidays and holidays, it greatly shortens the time of manual payment and avoids many tedious procedures, improves the traffic capacity of the highway, and saves human resources.

This technology is also used in various competitions and exams. It is called a timing chip system. This system also uses radio frequency technology and is widely used in marathons and various exams. Take the 1,000-meter sports exam for middle school students now. In order to save time, there will be more than a dozen people taking an exam at the same time. However, it is impossible and inaccurate to count the start time and the end time by manual means, because everyone cannot stand at the same starting line and start at the same time. , Sometimes the first person (leaving the starting line) and the last person (the last person leaving the starting line) are separated by a ten-second gap. This will cause errors in performance, but the emergence of radiofrequency technology has solved the problem well. Question: Candidates wear a timing chip (equivalent to an electronic tag, and for convenience, the chip may be worn in the style of a watch and worn on hands or tied to shoes), and placed with a micro Antenna pad. When the athlete passes over this pad, the timing system receives the radio frequency card sent by the athlete. ID number, and record the time at that time, which is not only accurate but also does not require manual intervention.

The application of China RFID Cards in daily life is an important manifestation of technological progress.

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