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Where Is The Rfid Key Card Often Used?

Apr. 28, 2020

RFID is the general name of the radio frequency technology system, and the RFID card is the radio frequency card, the radio frequency card is the chip card containing frequency induction, the card contains IC or ID chip, the CARDS on the market can be divided into low-frequency card (ID card 125K Hertz), high-frequency card (IC card 13.56m Hertz), ultra-high frequency card (915M Hertz). See in the life most membership card belongs to IC card, like a bus card, sell rice card, entrance guard card can be IC card, also can be ID card. The difference between the IC card and ID card is that the card contains some chips, from the appearance, is very difficult to distinguish.


RFID key card is widely used in many industries and fields, such as elevator cards, access control cards, custom hotel key CARDS, RFID key cards, RFID room key, and so on.

Why choose RFID card for a metro card

With the popularity of the subway, it is convenient for people to travel, but have you observed that when we take the subway, we all need to swipe CARDS to get on the subway? Metro CARDS are generally RFID CARDS, why choose RFID CARDS? Because RFID card can be used infinitely, and very convenient, need to take out can directly use, general traffic and subway station will be very big, many passengers every platform meeting, under a lot of passengers, this makes the liquidity of subway station is very high, use RFID card will need only a fixed number of tube pass, reduced the check-in staff work already so, save the human, mobility of passengers and ensure the orderly, so that RFID is a rare good thing.

The custom hotel key CARDS

How to customize a hotel key card? We have many kinds of RFID CARDS, such as LF RFID Card, PVC LF RFID Card, ABS LF RFID Card.We all know that the hotel key card now most of the use of RFID card, so not only convenient for guests to travel, more convenient hotel room key management, if you want to customize the custom hotel key CARDS, please choose Shenzhen ZHI XIN RFID, we provide you with professional customized services.

From the RFID card size to distinguish, the RFID card can be divided into the standard cards and special card two. The standard card this is very easy to understand, is the common PVC card, and the irregular card is relative to the ordinary card, the standard card size is 85.5*54*0.76mm, in principle as long as not the standard size of the RFID card can be called irregular card. Common unusual CARDS are:

The key card

Everyone's familiar with 2 and 3 CARDS, these two types in the domestic use is the most widely on village entrance guard, can be used to brush to buildings or behind brake, brush on the function and bus rapid transit bus card is the same, bus rapid transit card with IC card, because of the IC CARDS have a stored value and confidentiality, that there is no ID card.


Smart wrist band

The smart wrist band has a certain waterproof function, and easy to carry. The smart wrist band includes a disposable wrist band and a reusable wrist band. The disposable wrist band is widely used in the medical field, and the reusable wrist band is widely used in bathing centers or water parks.

Glue card

This kind of card is also more popular in the market, the reason is exquisite appearance, can be made accessories, and has the function of RFID card, this kind of card production cycle is relatively long, because the process of dropping glue is a delicate thing, dropping glue RFID card manufacturers generally bring their own rope. Drop CARDS can be made into various shapes and sizes and printed on them.

In addition to the above introduction of the standard card, key ring card, smart wrist band, drop plastic card, RFID card also includes electronic tags, NFC tags, leather card, coin card. Need to explain a point: magnetic stripe card or no chip PVC membership card does not belong to the RFID card, in this emphasis RFID card is radio frequency card, no frequency chip card is not called RFID card.

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