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What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To When Using RFID Low Frequency Card In The Community?

May. 06, 2019

First point, one person, one RFID Low Frequency Card

When the community access card is put into use, the management office shall quantitatively allocate according to the population of each household, and implement one person and one card. Inform the households to go to the management office to register the information and obtain the certificate, and pay attention to one person to limit one, which can ensure the distribution is appropriate, and can avoid the potential of the floating population in the community to create security risks.

The second point, work card time limit

For the staff in the community, because of the different nature of the household, it is not possible to hold the Dual Frequency RFID Card for the same period as the household. In order to smoothly carry out the work of the community staff, the method of using the access control card for a limited time can be implemented. The staff will pay more attention to the management effect by implementing the system of receiving the door card before going to work and paying attention to returning on time.

The third point, loss reporting and replacement

In view of the implementation of one-person-one-card for the households, when the household's access control card is inadvertently lost, the community management office pays attention to actively report the loss and re-issue work. On the one hand, we must register the household information and reissue the new access control card in time. On the other hand, we must record the lost access control card number. The access control card with high quality of service can also be operated and cancelled in real time to prevent the criminals from picking up the access control card. Unlawful behavior.

Fourth, reasonable storage

In addition to the access cards issued to the residents, the Community Management Office should pay attention to the reasonable storage of the remaining spare door cards. Choose to store in an environment that is dry and not close to the magnetic field, which can effectively protect the internal chip of the access control card and avoid damage to the function; also choose a safer space for storage to avoid theft of the card.

The advantages of using the access control card in the community are more obvious, which is convenient for the residents to enter and exit, improve the living experience of the residents, and facilitate the management of the community and improve the overall image of the community. By paying more attention to the treatment of some links during the use process, it can fully reflect the convenience that the access control card brings to people's lives.

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